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Ricky Minor is currently serving a life sentence in Federal Prison without the possibility of parole for attempting to manufacture methamphetamine. Ricky ran a successful carpet installation business in Niceville Florida for 15 years, was a devoted husband and father, but unfortunately, along with his wife was also a functioning meth addict. In order to save money to sustain his addiction, Ricky taught himself to make meth for personal use.  Acting upon a tip from an informant, police raided Ricky's home and found elements that are used in the manufacturing process of creating meth. No functioning lab was found, only the materials needed for manufacture. Ricky was not charged with selling the drug... only in the attempt to manufacture. His life sentence was based on how much meth might possibly be created using the elements that were confiscated, not on actual existing drug amounts. Fearing for his daughter's future with no parents, Ricky plead guilty after hearing that his wife would also be indicted and might serve 10 years. Based on the meth elements found, and on his previous arrests for non-violent offenses such as minor possession/selling, driving without a license and

many other traffic violations,

Ricky was sentenced to life without parole.

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